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ANWB | Winnaar Camping van het Jaar 2020
ANWB | Winnaar Camping van het Jaar 2021
Surroundings overview

Walking, cycling & mountainbike

Free walking-, cycling- and mountainbike routes are available at the reception.


Free walking routes are available at the reception. Once a week (April-October) a guided forest walk is organized. During this walk you might observe wild animals! This walk is for adults only and takes 2 hours. Dogs are not allowed. We recommend you to make a reservation in advance!


The Veluwe offers a cycle route network, also known as the cycling junction network. It is a network of interconnecting cycle routes. A cycle junction is a numbered intersection that is part of a regional cycle route network. Each junction is provided with a number and an information panel. The distance to the next junction is displayed on this panel. The routes between two junctions are signposted in two directions with white and green signs. This system enables you to plan your own route. A cycling junction card is available at the reception (€ 8,95)

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The new MTB-route of the Dutch Forestry Commission starts in front of our door! You can first take a look at the information panel. The free route is also available at the reception.