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ANWB | Winnaar Camping van het Jaar 2020
ANWB | Winnaar Camping van het Jaar 2021
Surroundings overview

Nature experience

Do you also love the Veluwe, with its beautiful forests, various landscapes and of course wild animals? We have listed a couple of examples for you, so that you can enjoy the Veluwe optimally!

Forest Walk with Nature Guide

Once a week (April-October) you can join our nature guide. The forest walk takes 2 hours and dogs are not allowed. Sign up in advance at the reception!

De Hoge Veluwe National Park

Many people visit National Park De Hoge Veluwe to observe wild animals. Wildlife is more used to human beings here. In National Park De Hoge Veluwe you can even observe mouflons. Brochures are available at the reception.

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Join the Dutch forestry commission

A nature tour with a forest ranger is an unique experience. The Dutch Forestry Commission organizes various tours such as ‚Muirtrek‘, discover Radio Kootwijk, looking for the big 5 (in a SUV), nature theatre tours and rut tours.

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Setting out yourself!

You can of course also go out on your own. As soon as you leave the holiday park and enter the Lierderbos you can observe wild animals. In our Lierderbos App we will show you a couple of routes and places. You will increase your chance by wearing dark clothes, acting as quiet as possible and using as less deodorant and perfume as possible.