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Surroundings overview

Amusement parks & playgrounds

Several wonderful amusement parks are located in the immediate vicinity. Enjoy a lovely day out with the entire family. We have listed the options for you.

De Koperen Ezel

De Koperen Ezel is the largest, free children’s farm. In addition to donkeys there are also guinea pigs, goats, chickens and much more. In short: A children’s farm with a lot of animals to cuddle with. Kids can climb, jump on the inflatables, play in the indoor ball pit and go-kart! Finally, you can enjoy a walk with a donkey!

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De Spelerij & Uitvinderij

De Spelerij is an unique play-, do-, and discover park. There are masterpieces and play objects created by visual artist Jos Spanbroek: imaginative constructions you can set in motion yourself and you can play with. De Uitvinderij is  a workplace where you can create masterpieces yourself. You can bend plastic, do fretwork, cut polystyrene foam, create a vacuum, punch name plates etc.

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Family park 't Smallert

Family park 't Smallert is located at the veluwe, in a small place called Emst. ‘t Smallert offers many possibilities for a cosy day out. The park consists of a trout farm, fish ponds, a play park and a place where you can make candles. Brochures are available at the reception.

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Childern's paradise Malkenschoten

Children’s paradise Malkenschoten is the most beautiful children’s farm of the Netherlands! Meet the fun and special animals, build your own cabin, climb, cycle on a pedal boat, feed the animals and the fish, splash, jump on the trampoline, play mini-golf and join a tour in the Binky-tram. Brochures are available at the reception.

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Climbing forest Veluwe

Climbing forest Veluwe in Apeldoorn is an unique and exciting experience for young and old. You climb and find your way through the trees. There are 8 tracks and approx. 120 different transitions, which vary in terms of height and difficulty.

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Koningin Julianatoren

The Julianatoren is a cosy, safe and well-arranged amusement park with more than 60 fantastic attractions. A lovely day out for families with kids in the age of 2-12 years old. Brochures are available at the reception.

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Walibi Holland

Walibi Holland means real excitement and sensation! It offers all-in-one: the wildest roller coasters, the cruelest attractions and the coolest festivals.

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