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ANWB | Winnaar Camping van het Jaar 2020
ANWB | Winnaar Camping van het Jaar 2021

Information about the park

Good to know

Arrival and departure times
On the day of arrival the camping pitch is available from 1:00 PM. The accommodation is available from 3:00 PM.

On the day of departure you must leave the camping pitch clean at 12:00 PM. Did you book a late departure? Then you must leave the camping site before closing hours of our reception. You can find our current opening hours in the Lierderholt app.

On the day of departure you must leave the accommodation clean at 11:00 AM. This means: duvets and flannels folded on the beds, any rented sheets in the pillowcase, dishes clean and tidy (the dishwasher must also be empty) and the accommodation must be broom clean.

The hotel rooms and group accommodation are available from 3:00 PM and must be departed 11:00 AM.

It is allowed to barbecue on our holiday park (gas, electric barbecue or with coals). Keep an eye on our wildfire hazard advice and keep fire extinguishers nearby. Open fires such as fire pits, garden candles are never allowed.

Bike rental
At the reception you can rent bicycles for a day or several days. We rent bicycles with seven gears and the costs for a ladies’ or men’s bicycle are:

  • € 9,50 a day
  • € 19,- per weekend
  • € 33,25 per midweek
  • € 42,75 a week

For children’s bicycles and specials you can get more information at the reception.

Camping pitches
It is allowed to place an extra tent on the camping pitch, as long as you do exceed your own camping pitch. Our camping rates are based on two people and an additional fee is charged for each additional person. 

Eeterij De Lierderhoeve
Our restaurant Eeterij de Lierderhoeve is open all year round and has an à la carte restaurant, a snack bar and Grand Café. In high season we are open 7 days a week and in low season we are closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. View our app for the current opening hours.

Electric car charging point
There is one charging station for two electric cars in the large parking lot at the entrance of our holiday park. 

Emergency number
In urgent cases, when you need the fire brigade, police or ambulance service, you can call the national emergency number 112. When asked for the address details of your stay, please provide: Spoekweg 49, 7361 TM Beekbergen.

Please call the reception as soon as possible on +31-(0)55 506 14 58, so that we can immediately take necessary measures.

Our holiday park is located in the middle of a forest area and we are committed to our beautiful nature. This also means that the lightning in our park is minimal. This is to give bats, owls, etc. an undisturbed night. So we advise you to bring a flashlight.

Camping gas is for sale at the reception. Inquire at the reception about the exchange of your gas bottle and the rates.

Laundry service
Our holiday park has two laundromats. There is a launderette in the large sanitary building on the Heideweg and in the sanitary building at entrance 2. You can uprate your Lierderholtcard at the reception to be able to wash and dry. Washing costs € 4,50 at a time and the use of the dryer is € 1,50 per 15 minutes. The washing machine automatically adds soap.

At check-in you will receive the Lierderholtcard which you must use for showering (campsite), the container and the laundry. There are enough shower- and garbage points on your pass for your entire stay, this is included in the price of your stay.

For the Lierderholtcard you pay € 25,00 deposit, which will be refunded when you return the card (at the end of your stay).

Lost and found
Lost and found items can be delivered to the reception.

Opening hours
The current opening hours can be found on our website, in the Lierderholt app and are available at the reception.

Own risk
Lierderholt cannot be held liable for theft, damage and accidents. You stay here at your own risk. It goes without saying that if you cause damage, we ask you to compensate it.

Our camping fields are car-free, with the exception of K60 to K67. Only on arrival and departure it is allowed to drive onto the camping field by car. There is one parking space available near the camping field or your accommodation. A possible second car must be parked in the large parking lot at the main entrance. Our barrier system works with license plate recognition, so you can drive in and out during your entire stay.

Peace and respect

  • There is peace on the site between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am. During that time, driving with cars and motorcycles is not allowed;
  • It is not allowed to photograph/record other persons, other than those belonging to your own  group, without their permission. Photography/filming is not allowed at all in the sanitary buildings;
  • Our employees always keep an eye on the site. They ensure that the rules and agreements are observed;
  • Drones are not allowed on and above the park due to the privacy of guests and noise nuisance;
  • It is not permitted to cut, prune, dig, plant or fence without permission.

A maximum of two pets is allowed per camping pitch or accommodation. If you rent a camping pitch you pay € 1,50 per pet per night, with a maximum of € 17,50 per pet. If you rent an accommodation you pay € 15,00 per pet per weekend/midweek/week.

Dogs must always be kept on a leash. You can walk your pet outside the holiday park and you are responsible for cleaning up faeces.

Is your dog dirty after walking? The sanitary building near the K60 numbers has a dog shower.

In front of the reception there are mailboxes in which we sort all incoming mail by alphabet. Packages can be picked up at the reception itself (this must be picked up the same day). Our reception staff cannot accept packages that require signing, so unfortunately we have to return them. You can put outgoing post in the mailbox at the reception and the postmen will take it for you. 

In all regular primary school holidays (with the exception of the spring and Christmas holidays) and at Easter, Ascension and Whitsun, we offer an extensive and varied recreation program. You can view the recreation programs in our app or pick them up at the reception.

Rental accommodations
All accommodations are non-smoking.

Does your accommodation not appear to be clean at arrival? Please inform the reception immediately so we can ensure that the problem is solved straight away.

On the day of departure you must leave the accommodation clean at 11:00 AM. This means: Duvets and flannels folded on the beds, any rented sheets in the pillowcase, dishes clean and tidy (the dishwasher must also be empty) and the accommodation must be broom clean.

Bedding set 1 person € 8,- per set, bedding set 2 persons € 9,50 per set, towels € 4,50 per set and kitchen linen € 4,75 per set are available at the reception.


  • For safety reasons, cars and motorcycles may only drive slowly in the park
  • There is no supervision at the pool
  • The (emergency) exits are indicated on the map (number 4)

In our shop we sell a wide range of daily products and fresh bread. You can find the opening hours of our shop in our app. 

If the shop is closed (early and late season), you can go to the reception for the daily newspaper and order fresh bread.

Sports and games
In addition to the playground with air trampoline at the front of our holiday park, there is playground equipment spread across the entire site. At the back of our holiday park you will also find a football field, beach volleyball field and a boule alley.

To reserve the tennis court you can go to the reception and the costs are € 6,00 per hour. For a € 5,00 deposit, you can also rent tennis rackets and tennis balls.

At the front of our holiday park we also have a mini golf course. You can get golf sticks and golf balls at the reception. Children up to 12 years pay € 2,00 p.p. and from 12 years the costs are € 3,00 p.p.

Swimming pool
Our outdoor pool is open, in case of good weather, from May to September.

Visitors are welcome! Visitors can park their car at the Spoekweg. Visitors and guest must always report to the reception. Day visitors have free access to the site. The tenant of the camping pitch/accommodation is responsible for the behaviour of his visitors.

Walking and cycling routes
Various walking and cycling routes are available at the reception, for free. You can also buy walking and cycling maps of the entire central Veluwe area at the reception.

Household waste (separated) can be deposited in our environmental street. Please put paper and cardboard, glass and household waste in the separate containers. At check-in you will receive the Lierderholtcard which you must use to open the containers. There are enough garbage points on your pass for your entire stay, this is included in the accommodation costs.

We have free Wifi throughout our holiday park and in our restaurant.

Important phone numbers and addresses

Vakantiepark Het Lierderholt
Spoekweg 49
7361 TM Beekbergen

+31-(0)55 506 14 58

National emergency number: 112
Police: 0900 88 44

Dierenartsenpraktijk Ugchelen
Bogaardslaan 10, 7339 AH Ugchelen
+31-(0)55 533 76 92

General Practitioner
Mr. Struijk
Libellestraat 15, 7361 BG Beekbergen
+31-(0)55 506 25 55

GP urgent care center (evening, weekend, night)
0900 600 90 00

Dentist Mr. van Sambeek
Arnhemseweg 507, 7361 CJ Beekbergen
+31-(0)55 506 15 99

Gelre Ziekenhuis
Albert Schweitzerlaan 31, 7334 DZ Apeldoorn
+31-(0)55 581 81 81 | +31-(0)575 59 25 92