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ANWB | Winnaar Camping van het Jaar 2020
ANWB | Winnaar Camping van het Jaar 2021
Facilities overview

Water slides and spraypark

Spectacular water slides and spraypark

We have a spectacular water slide tower with not one, but two water slides! A wide 25 meters long family slide, which you can slide down next to each other with the entire family or with your friends. And a super cool almost 80 meters long water slide! 
Both slides end up in their own so-called skim outs and not in the pool. This doesn’t reduce the swimming space in our current pool.

And next to the cool water slides we have a spraypark of 200 m2! This spraypark offers endless water fun: water sprays everywhere, you can build dams or stand under the giant shower tower from which 500 litres fall in one go.
The nice thing about this spraypark is that it is not in the swimming pool, but on a porous floor in which the water disappears immediately. So, you can have lots of water fun without a swimming diploma!

New in 2022: The Crazy Cone slide

We will continue all the expansions and innovations made in 2021 in 2022….NEW in 2022: The Crazy Cone Slide!

In this adventurous water slide you first slide through a tube, then you end up in the Crazy Cone where you are swung back and forth and finally you slide to the center of the funnel and slide down the slide. The Crazy Cone slide will be 70 meters long and equipped with various light effects. In short: a real sliding adventure for young and old!

The Crazy Cone slide will be opened during the May 2022 holiday. View the 3D drawings of the new Crazy Cone slide below (in yellow/white).